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The Tripartite

Organized dentistry guides the dental profession and helps shape what it will look like in the coming years.  While you are focusing on maintaining your daily practices, the ODA, ADA, and MPDS are looking at the future.  Hundreds of member dentists in Marion and Polk County turn to us for guidance, education, focused advocacy, and access to a support system of experienced colleagues. 

Organized dentistry has membership benefits at three levels:

  • National - The American Dental Association

  • State - The Oregon Dental Association

  • Local - The local component society (us!)

As an Oregon-licensed dentist, when you join the ADA, you also join your local dental society and the Oregon Dental Association.  The "Tripartite" describes the organizational tiers collectively.  Each level within the tripartite sets its own dues, selects its own officers and board members, and makes decisions on the services and benefits it offers to members.

Become a member of organized dentistry today by visiting the Oregon Dental Association website and completing a membership application.

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